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Donny Roming

Donny RomingMay 17, 1960 - March 9, 2001
Donny was fatally shot outside a Yaletown bar following a dispute. Donny was a member of the Nomads chapter of the Hells Angels.

"As we lay ourselves to sleep
We pray to God your soul to keep
To guide us safely through our day
In our hearts is where you'll stay
We miss you, Daddy"
-- Cole and Angelina (In Memoriam, The Province, Mar. 10/02)

This photo is from grade 9 (1974)

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10/30/16 02:31 PM #1    

Nancy McCurdy

I saw a photo of Donny a few days ago on Global News. It reminded me of when we used to hang out with Donny at Devonshire Park in Vancouver (there was a group of us). I had a huge crush on Donny and felt a special kinship with him as I was born one day before him in the same year. We were only13 years old at the time. I do miss Donny and his flowing blonde hair! He was a good guy.

10/30/16 08:00 PM #2    

Perry Smith

...from Devonshire park, to Douglas park.... Donny was a good man at heart ,we all miss him 

10/31/16 11:33 AM #3    

Michael MacDonald

Donny & Brian Wilson used to bring cars by the parents house to take me for a ride ... in grade 9 !


11/04/16 11:00 PM #4    

Peter Wong

Donny was a bit of a bully in Mr. Clark’s grade 8 PE class. It was a life lesson of resilience and accepting people from all walks of life.

11/05/16 03:23 PM #5    

Donna Turko

Reminds me about seeing Donny in Gr. 8 picked on by older guys who iI thought were really really  bad guys. I guess we all are doing the best we can.  And Peter, ironically maybe you owe some of your success to Donny?lol.

 I  think the sad news of  the passing of Joanne, Cathy and  Robert and his message, has got us introspective.  I dont want to even say the "O" word but we are getting there.





11/06/16 09:28 AM #6    

Raphael Smith

It was sad to read about Donny's untimely passing, along with the other alumni who have left too soon (most recently Rob Rozich).  Rob's death a few weeks ago really gave me pause for reflection, especially since two days later I got a call from an old college friend in similar state of mind, though I hadn't heard from him in 25 years.  In our Facebook and Twitter era, we need to guard in our long distance relationships against the potential introduction of a veneer of superficiality and of keeping up appearances.  It's led me to reach out to some old friends and catch up a little!

11/06/16 12:28 PM #7    

Shelley Saltzman

I'm beginning to dread getting EH '78 notifications, imploring me once again to take another look at the variety of paths we've all taken; some hitting their mortal end much too soon. I was particularly sad to hear about JoAnne H. She was always there behind me in math class ensuring that any grey hairs that sprouted prematurely from my young head were quickly and efficiently removed. I really could use a friend like her now, although I suppose I'd soon be rendered quite bald.

Wishing peace and contentment to you all, as well as to families and friends of those we've lost.

11/06/16 01:13 PM #8    

Perry Smith


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