In Memory

Linda Lowe (Chan)

Linda died of Ovarian Cancer November 28, 2007. She is survived by her husband, Steve Chan & daughters, Bethany and Jenessa. Linda truly appreciated the outpouring of love, support and prayers, especially from her church family, which helped raise her spirits and nourish her soul. Linda wrote in her blog, "God's peace has really sustained me and given me a peace that passes all understanding, peace that goes beyond my circumstances." Steve and his family, would like to share Linda's personal journey. Below is a website where you can read Linda's personal entries while she was going through a very challenging experience. Linda took great pride and strength to affectionately document her journey to keep her family and friends informed. Linda's Journey: 


My Wife Is
by Steve Chan

She is a child of the Almighty God, Jehovah
Saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

She is very indecisive
But yet can be very stubborn
She is very gentle
But can’t be pushed around
She is a vivid and fast reader
And a very talented and creative writer
She is an eager learner
And frequencies the libraries more than often
She is very humorous
And a very good public speaker
She is a devoted scrap booker
And a crazy cookbook and recipe collector
She is a great cook
But the kitchen can look like a battlefield
She delights in all kinds of shopping
Yes, even grocery shopping
 She is a bargain hunter
And loves going cross-border huntings
She is a great money saver
But yet a generous giver
She is a devoted mother
And an everloving wife
She is her two daughters’ protector and refuge
Especially when their dad is upset with them
She loves people
And likes to socialize
She is a Vancouver Canucks fan
And a BC Lions follower
She panics and screams at every little accident
And frightens every single soul in the house
She is usually late for church
But her heart for God is so pure
She has great faith in God
And fights the cancer battle calmly and courageously
She dislikes gardening
But can’t wait to enjoy God’s Heaven Paradise
She is very afraid of birds
But “scared” will no longer be in her vocabulary
She is my love
And the apple of my eye
She is in the presence of the Lord
And one day I will see her again!


Linda and her 2 daughters, Bethany and Jenessa

Linda with her immediate family: 
Her brother, Terry Lowe and his wife, Patricia and their 2 kids – Brendan and Marisa (her nephew & niece)
Her Dad – Peter Lowe.
Her husband, Steve and their daughters, Bethany and Jenessa